Stephenstown Pond

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Stephenstown Pond was commissioned in 1817 by the then local landlord Matthew Fortescue (the old ruins of the Stephenstown House can still be seen today, across the road from Stephenstown Pond Nature Park). The pond was built by William Galt. He was married to Agnes Burns, sister of Scotland’s National Bard, Robert Burns. He later became Confidential Manager on the estate. The couple lived in a cottage built for them by Matthew Fortescue on the grounds at Stephenstown Pond, it was known then as “Lakeview Cottage”. Today it is commonly known as The Burns Cottage. The couple lived there from 1817 until their respective deaths. Agnes died in 1834 and William in 1847. They are both buried in St Nicholas’s Cemetery (The Green Church) in Church St., Dundalk. Co. Louth, where there is an epitaph erected in honour of Robert Burns (originally commissioned by The Belfast Burns Association and The Dundalk Burns Society).

Stephenstown Pond Project

Stephenstown Pond Project team actively work on a cross border-community basis with their partners The Belfast Burns Association since 1997. Phase one of The Stephenstown Pond Project officially opened to the public in July, 1996. That encompassed the clearance and development works on what today is known as Stephenstown Pond Carp Fishery & Nature Park. Phase two opened in 2000 with the Burns Cottage and Children’s Playground and phase three in 2007 with the new build of the new Dairy Maid Coffee Shop, Conference Centre (seats 120 people), training rooms, Enterprise space for leasing and the newest edition “Spinning With Kelly” (fitness centre).

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